Who We Are


Travelling is my biggest passion: discover new countries far away from me, get in touch with different cultures. I cannot do without it; every journey and the cultural exchange make me feel richer. I love photography as well and I have been a runner since some years. I am sometimes a little lazy, but I can say I am a runner. Running is my way to have fun and confide and it allows me to make new friends, to travel into new cities and it has definitely mark a big change in my life. It was a Sunday at the end of May, when I figured out that my professional skills and my passions could have gone down the same road, doing something good. That day, Run to Change was born, at least in my mind.


I have two big passions: IT, which is my job and running. I started four years ago and I have run several half marathons and three marathons during this time.
When Laura told me about her idea, I figured out immediately that I wanted be part of that project. We would have the opportunity to help people living in difficult circumstances with running, being present at running races. All the runners that we met look very generous when it comes with charity. Run to Change? The name sounded perfect!


I work in communication and I am a counselor. What running stands for me? A way to express or to find my energy, a space for me and an opportunity to connect myself with my body. I believe that well-being in life depends on two factors: attention to your body and its needs and connection with people. We all need relationships, we are like a big network. If we help each other and share with others, we can make a change and grow up as individuals. Run to Change is the perfect dimension, where all these aspects can live together in a big project.